Nick Davis

(Friedlander Collective)

Experience: 5 years



    About Nick Davis

    Friedlander Collective

    Bio: Nick Davis is a South London DJ playing as part of the Friedlander Collective. Friedlander Collective brings together four DJs that share a love of quality house music.

    Frustrated by the tendency for modern club nights to be narrowly focused on one specific house music sub-genre with little variation of the theme, the FC bring together a number of different sounds all under the house music banner, from deep stripped-back beats and bass driven grooves, through straight up tech-house, to African and Latin house. Many sub-genres but one passion for good house music.

    The Collective has its origins in the early 2000s in London’s east end, with regular slots in venues around Shoreditch, Farringdon and Dalston, most of which have now been swallowed up by the more established Shoreditch party scene or the city’s encroachment into the east end. After a short hiatus from the scene the Collective have now re-united into its current form with the aim of bringing its music to a new generation of house music lovers.

    With a strong preference to man the decks from the start of a night through to closing, the Collective like to explore a variety of sounds, always placing a strong emphasis on having bags of fun with a loyal crowd with absolutely no pretentious attitude.

    Friedlander Collective includes Friedlander, Nick Davis, Matthew Bishop and Marcus Williams.